Solar Eclipse 7/11

total Solar Eclipse will be Sunday, July 11, 2010, (12:40pm PDT) a powerful new Moon in its own astrological sign of Cancer, is visible across the Pacific, from New Zealand to the lower part of South America. This eclipse will block out the sun at Easter Island. This has not happened for 1,400 years. The southern hemisphere is going through their Winter Solstice and this eclipse should be intense, with total coverage lasting over 5 minutes.

 is Sunday is also a new Moon in Cancer. The Moon symbolizes the Unconscious, the inner matrix, the Mother that births the Ego and the Self. Moon consciousness its own language symbolizing the language of emotions.

 The Moon rules Cancer. It is the vehicle of change and time, of birth and growth, nurturing and harvest, death and re-birth.

This moon calls us to refresh our souls in the waters of emotions. It is a time to go within, capture our true desires, and step into our destiny. Open yourself to the Moon’s light, step inside your intuition. Let your imagination lead the way.

 Honor the Heavens

Here is an exercise you can do the day of the Solar Eclipse will be doing mine at Noon, However anytime is fine, on Sunday

What you will need

  Joss Papers

 White Candles

 This is the perfect time to use Joss Papers. You can purchase them at any Asian market, like the 99 Ranch Market, or go to Chinatown. Pick up some white candles.

Joss Paper

 The Process

 Find a quiet place, light your candles and allow yourself to go-inward. Taking deep breaths, visualize your true desires, the life you wish to create. When you feel ready to share these thoughts, open your eyes, and capture your thoughts on the silver or gold part of your joss papers.

 When you have completed your list. For those of you that have a prayer practice, this would be an opportunity to do a prayer request. Place your hands above your joss paper, and make your request. Them burn the paper, in your fireplace, fire- pit, Incense urn, or any safe place to burn objects

Our goal at the Art of Life is to provide you with the tools you need to live a conscious, full, amazing life. We support you in the creation of your environments One that will motivate you to your highest potential. Thank you for allowing me to share this practice of outer being, meets inner world,

Many Blessings,


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