Hack My Retrograde 2016: Day Sixteen

“ When there is no

enemy within,

the enemies outside ‘

cannot hurt you ”

 ~ African Proverb ~

There are times when we can be our worst enemy. Self-talk when used in a negative way, can hypnotize us into believing untruths about ourselves, and the world around us. Self-confidence is the key to being your own best friend. You must have faith in yourself, before you can have faith in others.

Lack of self-confidence can show up as unwanted aspects in our daily lives.  We can suffer from guilt, and anger turned inward. Along with unrealistic expectations of perfection, a false sense of humility, and fear of change or of making a mistake.

This can lead to depression. Depression can actually be a result of a lack of self-confidence. This can be a vicious cycle. The best way to prevent this slippery slope is to be kind to yourself. Look for the good in others, and create a daily practice of gratitude.

 Your Daily Action Journal

Make a list of all the things you are more confident about today.



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