Hack My Retrograde: Day Thirteen

“ Any plan is bad

that cannot be changed “

~ Italian Proverb ~

We love having plans. We also love changing them. Especially if the plan yields better results, and make life easier. As a matter of fact, if someone told you that a plan couldn’t be changed, we become rather hostile. The hostility comes into play when we view the change of plans as transformation. How dare anyone get in the way of a transformation!

We hear the media talk about our resistance to change. It is all a myth. We love change when it is our idea. We hate change when we cannot have what we want. We hate it even more when someone tells us change is not allowed.

We view a change of plans, as a way of adapting to a situation, or re-work of a process. The opportunity to create change is a civil liberty we will never relinquish, because we view it as freedom.

Your Daily Action Journal

Take some time today and think about a time when you saw change as a transformation.



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