Enjoy the Moon and the Stars Tonight


The Super Moon and a Meteor shower will do some dancing in our skies for the next few days. This is a great time to make some wishes, manifest your destiny, and release some baggage!

December 14 is the final night of a Super Moon. This Super moon is expected to be as much as 13% bigger than when the full moon is at its smallest and furthest away from the planet.  It will also be at its closest point to our planet as it orbits Earth. The moon has an emotional effect on many people. For the next few days be kind to people, since they may be a little of of their game. Be kind to yourself, and do some activities that make you feel better.

Do the Moon Ritual

Joss Paper
Joss Paper

The Full moon is a great time to release the things in your life that are no longer working for you. I light some white candles in the evening. Get some Joss Paper ( you can use regular paper, or get Joss Paper at the Asian Market) make a list of what you don’t want anymore. Then burn the paper in a safe place, like a fire pit, or fireplace. As the paper burns you release this information to the universe.

But Wait There’s More

blue moon

Not only do have a Super Moon, There is also a Meteor Shower ( falling stars for you romantics )happening at the same time. This shower  know as the Geminids , happening right now until  December 17th.

The Geminids shower is  caused by the 3200 Phaethon asteroid. Its orbit brings it very close to the sun, causing its surface material to crumble and break off. The Earth passes through this space debris every December, which burns up as hits our atmosphere. These are the meteors visible in our sky. However because of the Super Moon you will not be able to see the falling stars due to the brightness of the Moon

Do Your Wish List


When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true! Use the same ritual I use for the Full Moon. On your Joss Paper, list as many wishes as possible.  Be sure to burn them in a safe place. You can also get Joss Paper at amazon.com . You can do this ritual every day until December 17th !

I would love to here about your success, so please post your comments






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