Hack My Retrograde Winter 2016 : Day Two


“ As long as you live,
keep learning how to live “

~ Latin Proverb ~

Many of my friends consider themselves to be “life long learner”. We often wonder how much do we need to know, in order to know we know enough. At what point do we say enough is enough?

It is not about the learning.
It is about the living.

We learn as much as we can, so we can go out and live what we have learned. Some people say, you can never know it all. I agree. That would mean everything we learn has an application waiting to be executed. What a life that would be!

I rejoice in living my life during these times of technological advances, knowledge at the speed of light, and the wisdom of choice when applied to my own way of living.
Your Daily Action

Practice the art of learning by doing something you read about, yet have never put into practice. Capture this in your journal.

Daily Meditation

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