Hack My Mercury Retrograde Winter 2016 : Day Thirteen

“Faith is believing

when there is nothing else you can do.”

~ Unknown ~


When we allow faith to step in, we become divine.  There is no pushing, wishing, or seeking.  There is a sense of the universe unfolding, and a lightness of being.


Faith.  We cannot see it, touch it, or smell it.  We can only feel it.  Faith is our belief in something without the evidence of truth.  Our hearts and emotions define how deep our faith can go.


We are all action oriented.  We are into the “doingness” of life.  The more we do, the better life will be.  When our doing has no results, we sometimes give up and continue to do what does not work, hoping for a better result.


The only requirement is to “Ask”.  In the asking there is surrender.  With surrender comes time —time to let the universe catch up with your desires.


In your journal do some “Asking”, and be in faith.

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