Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day One

“ A candle loses nothing
by lighting another candle ”

~ Italian Proverb ~

When we open ourselves to the art of sharing, miraculous energies create pathways to wholeness. What was once singular becomes bountiful. What was once broken can become whole.

In our everyday lives we sometimes forget the lessons we learned in Kindergarten, and cling to the oneness of what we desire. We see the world as a place of striving, getting to the next phase, and being number one.

Through the act of sharing, we remember our core feelings of being a part of the whole. Not separate, but a part of a community, a family, an organization.

The concept of unselfishness feeds our soul with compassion, and the belief that we are here to love, be loved, and equally share in the experience of humanness.

Your Daily Action

Practice the art of sharing by doing so with someone in your circle of influence, a new acquaintance, or a stranger. Capture this in your journal.

Daily Meditation Recommendation

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