Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Eight

“ There is no best,

only better.”

 ~ Unknown ~


As youngsters, many of us were groomed to be the “Best” at something.  Or we were encouraged to do our “Best” at something. Just as there can be only one “Number One”, there can only be one “Best”.

As the “Best”, you could only have it for a short period of time before someone took the distinction away from you.  That is when “Better” came into the picture!

I have a deep fondness for “Better”.  With the word better we have an expectation that there is more opportunity, and a much bigger picture of what life can really bring to the table.

 Your Daily Action

Make a list of all the things you are much “Better” at during this phase of your life.  Don’t be shy, write it all down in your journal, and observe how much you have grown.


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