Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifteen

“ Nothing is as


as a secret ”

~ French Proverb ~

Keeping secrets can weigh heavily on your psyche. On one hand, it is an honor to become a confidant. They trust you with the information they feel closest to their heart. Trust is something that is earned over time and through demonstration.

Being a confidant may also be part of your professional ethics. Your ability to be non-judgmental, and listen without opinion, or make a decision allows the secret remaining between two people. There is also respect that is appreciated and conveyed, based on this sacred relationship.

Keeping a secret requires that you carry a burden. You know something and can’t share it. You can’t talk about it. You might like to, but the consequences seem dire if you share it. You might lose a friend. You might lose your reputation. You might also lose your sense of security.

Before accepting a secret, hear it first, weigh the consequences. Then decide if you want the burden. You always have a choice.

Your Daily Action Journal

Think about a time when a secret became a burden

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