Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fourteen

“ A clever person

turns great problems

into little ones

and little ones

into none at all “

~ Chinese Proverb ~

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Intelligence seeks problems. The bigger the problem, or challenge, the better the reward or thrill once it is solved.  Whole industries are built on the creation of solving a problem. Most of our technology today is based on a need to make life easier, faster, and worry-free.


So,  why all the hoopla about having problems? The hoopla is caused by the speed of which a problem gets solved. The quicker the solution, the less we know or hear about a problem.

Problems are synonymous with change. Change comes on the scene when the action needed requires us to be in action, instead of watching something happen. Be in action, and problems become small and non-existent.

Your Daily Action Journal

Take some time today and think about a time when you identified a problem, and saw it as act of change


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