Thrive During The Double Blue Moon

Celebrate the Double Blue Moon, Passover, and Easter This Weekend

By Dr. Janet Woods 

This Saturday, March 31 just before Easter and on Passover, a second full moon will rise in the evening sky. This event, more commonly known as a blue moon, is the second of its kind this year. According to NASA, this super-rare double Blue Moon only occurs about four times in a century. The next double blue moon will happen 2037. Native American Indians also call the Moose Sap Moon. This is the time of year when Maple syrup is harvested.

How to Celebrate

Mercury is still in full swing. This moon is the perfect time to make a list of all things you want to let go. After you make your list tear it up into the tiniest of pieces and throw it away. You can also burn the list in a safe place. Whatever you do, it will have a double effect!!

Make Moon Water

 You can also grab some clear glass bottles, fill them with water And place them outside under the Full Moon. As you sip the water. During the day you will find it to be sweet and refreshing

In Closing

Full Moons combined with Mercury Retrograde tends to make us more emotional. This is a time to be kind to yourself and others. Do you best to stay in the present moment and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Stay Golden,


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