Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Ten


The past can be like a ball and chain. As it follows you, t can stop you from achieving your life goals and targets. Many people are afraid to break free, for fear there is something in their past that may be the answer to their future. However I want you to know that when you can break free from your past you will find your present and future moments are going to look a lot brighter.

Letting go of your past is like watching the road from your rear view mirror. You cannot see what is ahead of you, and you will probably hurt someone in the process. Namely yourself, or your loved ones.

The most important thing about the past is that it cannot be changed. These things have already happened. And there is no way to travel back in time, except in our mind, which will only allow us to play the “what if game”. We cannot change the past. Learn to accept it.

Daily Action

In your Journal write 3 past experiences you are letting go

Daily Meditation

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