Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Eleven


 We as humans tend to make our lives more complicated than they need to be. We tend to create our own problems or find circumstances that we cannot control, and make ourselves miserable in the process.

The process of “Un-Creating” is one you seldom hear people talk about. You hear about how they fixed something, or overcame an issue, or ignored a problem that suddenly disappeared. Hardly ever will you hear the conversation about how I “ Un-Created “ the problem.

To “ Un-Create” a problem or circumstance you must first admit you created it! Upon that revelation, the action to “ Un-Create” also requires the forgiveness of one’s self. When you learn to forgive yourself and let go of the drama, life becomes much easier.

Today’s Action

Think of a time when you “ Un-Created “ some drama by forgiving yourself and the circumstances that came with it.

Today’s Meditation

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