Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Thirteen

Have you ever noticed that the more you work at evading a problem the bigger it becomes? Not only does it become bigger, it becomes all consuming to a point of no return!

Recently I overheard a wise woman say

” There are no problems, only feedback”

With that said, I started to apply the principles to a recent problem I had with a project. Instead, of procrastinating, finding excuses to put off the issue, and dreading the perceived outcome, I embraced every aspect of feedback anyone would give me about the project.

This thought process was exhilarting ! People would contact me on a daily basis to give me their input on how to make the project better. An entire community of problem solvers was created, and masterminds with brainstorming boards became plentiful.

I actually was sad to see the completion of the project because I would miss the flow of ideas, computer blog post, and the energy that was created.

Your Action Today

When was the last time a project you put off became a “GoalMine”?

Meditation for Today

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