Saturn in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde has ended and another planet starts moving backward This time it’s Saturn, the planet of responsibility and life lessons.  Saturn Retrograde is nothing to panic over. This is not as intense as Mercury Retrograde. Saturn Retrograde is a good thing. It slows down the pace of our lives just enough so we can reorganize and reassess our commitments.

The energy of Saturn creates and governs the rules and regulations we live by as a society. Saturn reminds us of our responsibilities to ourselves, our lives and to others. It can also support us in learning life lessons and helps us work out our past in many ways. During this time frame, we will be driven forward new levels in our work, pushing past our mental roadblocks and strengthening our ability to discipline ourselves. Saturn retrograde gives us the time we need to re-evaluate our commitments.  It drives us to do our best work. There is no mountain is too high with the right effort and determination.

Saturn Retrograde is also a  great time to define our boundaries. Learn to say “No” to what is not meant for us. This is where we circle back to the past. If something is not helping to evolve us, we must walk away and detach so we are free to evolve in a better direction.

Often times we say “Yes” because we are afraid of saying “No”. Saturn retrograde teaches us to clearly define what is acceptable and what is not in our life so we can spend our energy on what really matters. Now is the time! Use this period to become clear about what you are allowing into your life.  If you don’t want something or someone in your life,  now is the time to let it go.

Here is important reminders fo what to do during this period. 

  • Define your boundaries
  • Reevaluate your commitments
  • Reorganize your systems 
  • Get plenty of rest ( Retrograde can make us feel tired)
  • Inspire yourself with new activities.
  •  Be open to your life lessons

Finally, don’t fear this retrograde.  Slow down and use this time to assure yourself you are on the right track.  Make adjustments where you need to, and continue on with what you truly want. You will be able to attract more of what you want and release what does not serve you. 

Stay Golden,

Dr. Janet Woods



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