Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Three

3 day 3

When we are the cause, or origin of a gift we touch ourselves as well as the person we are gifting. The thoughtfulness, the intention, and the manifestation of the emotions surrounding the act of gifting are shared not only between the giver and the receiver, but anyone within the observance of the act.

How many times have you witnessed a kiss between lovers, a bride and groom sharing their first dance as a couple, or children opening presents on Christmas day, and not be touched. Touched by our own memories, the emotions surrounding that memory, or the tingling feelings accompanied by the texture of life.

Enjoy the art of gifting. The true measure of a gift is the joy felt by both parties. Each leaves whole, and joyful.

Your Daily Action

Practice the art of giving, by giving something to someone without expecting anything in return. Capture this in your journal

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