Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Five

“You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools”

Without the right tools, you cannot get certain jobs done. The same is true of your life skills. Life skills are the tools needed to change your life so that you are able to determine, incubate, create and direct your own meaning from life. This is free from the attachments and dependencies of the past. Letting your past determine your future can suck the dreams out of your life.

What you will experience in the future is based on your ability to learn, problem solve and dream about in the present moment. Being in action on a daily basis, and stepping up to the demands and challenges as they come creates a life of substance and a future with possibility.

Today’s Action

Take a look at your day, and determine what you learned, what actions you took, and how this is shaping your future.

Your Meditation

Published by Futurist

Environmental Energetic Designer

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