Thrive During Mercury Retrograde 2021 : Day Seventeen

Gossip is a destructive habit that can ruin a friendship and turn someone’s life upside down. You can’t make someone else stop gossiping, but you can refuse to listen to it. Those who don’t respect the privacy of others will find that their privacy will not be respected either. Everything does come full circle.

We have been socialized to believe that when we discuss people we are giving our opinion about them. That opinion is slated based on our personal filters. Because it is prevalent in our circle of influence we become unaware that we are even been gossiping until it is too late, to take back what has been said.

To stay out of this cycle keep your conversation limited to ideas and events. Doing this keeps you in the arena of your ideas and beliefs. It will take some practice, but it is well worth it.

Published by Futurist

Environmental Energetic Designer

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