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We are excited to announce our  Best Selling Course on the Daily Om


” Thrive During Mercury Retrograde  “

Unlike most literary works, this is an interactive online course on how to truly have an amazing life during nature’s house cleaning ” Mercury Retrograde”.

Hence the Reason for the ” Course ”

This course is designed to teach you how to use Mother Nature’s cycle to your advantage, let go of the worries associated with retrogrades, and actually create a life full of accomplishments, and have a sense of serenity and security.

To Thrive During Mercury Retrograde we will give you the tools to:

  • Understand the energy of Mercury Retrograde
  • Release the myths associated with Mercury Retrograde
  • Embrace our Intention process to thrive, not just survive
  • How to stay grounded using an ancient healing symbol
  • Use journaling as a means of self-discovery.
  • Learn the secret to getting new projects done during Mercury Retrograde

To accomplish this shift in consciousness while Mercury is in retrograde you will receive a daily inspirational quote to uplift your spirit, a life lesson to support you in moving effortlessly through the chaos, and an assignment to get you into positive action. You will also receive a special mantra to get rid of negative self talk, and last but not least, an ancient healing symbol that clears your energy 24/7.

As you open your mind to the possibilities contained within this course, you will discover that the power to create a fulfilling and more purposeful life during this time of uncertainty is available to you.

To order Your Course visit http://www.dailyom.com

Go to the Courses area where you will find Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

By Dr. Janet Woods

2 thoughts on “Purchase the Course

  1. Hi Sharon, Thank you for your request. I have sent you a secured link. Please complete the process to receive your program.

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