The End of Mercury Retrograde

      “When you can think   of yesterday    without regret   and tomorrow   without fear,   you are near   contentment ~ Unknown ~ Life  is a series of lessons. Some easy, some profound. Others are painful, and others bring us great joy. When we learn our lessons the first time, rarelyContinue reading “The End of Mercury Retrograde”

One More Day of Thriving

  “If you look back too much, you will soon be  headed that way” ~ Unknown ~ Keep moving forward and live a life with no regrets. Living a life deliberately means being joyful , spontaneous, and  willing to meet your destiny.  Embrace the life you were meant and live moment by moment with wholeheartedContinue reading “One More Day of Thriving”

Three More Days of Thriving in Retrograde

“Take life as you find it,  But don’t leave it that way” ~ Unknown ~ The term “compassionate service” is used in our community and refers to love-inspired assistance willingly given to meet physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of another. It requires a sensitivity that perceives human distress beyond spoken words, an eye that recognizesContinue reading “Three More Days of Thriving in Retrograde”

Thriving Four More Days

  “Every job is a self-portrait  of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence” Everytime you take on a job or a project you are given an opportuntity to be the creator of possibility. Embrace it with gusto, and reverance. There is only one of you. Putting your mark on the worldContinue reading “Thriving Four More Days”

Retrograde Thriving Day 19

“Great minds discuss ideas;  average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”   Gossip is a destructive habit that can ruin a friendship and turn someone’s life upside down. You can’t make someone else stop gossiping, but you can refuse to listen to it. Those who don’t respect the privacy of others will find thatContinue reading “Retrograde Thriving Day 19”

Retrograde Thriving Day 18

“Things fall apart so things can fall together” There is a concept called ” creative destructionism”,  which is a way to describe the radical transformation that accompanies human progress. To borrow an example from nature, fire is needed to generate new growth   Creative destruction occurs when something new, kills something older. A great exampleContinue reading “Retrograde Thriving Day 18”

Thriving In Retrograde Day 17

“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you                                                                      use them” Have you ever noticed that a huge obstacleContinue reading “Thriving In Retrograde Day 17”

Retrograde Thriving Day 16

”Today’s progress  was yesterday’s plan”   There is nothing more gratifying them seeing a project come to fruition . The hours of hard work, dreams coming into extistence, and reality taking on a physical form brings joy to the receiver of the proposed outcome.   Fruition is all about seeing the “ fruits” of yourContinue reading “Retrograde Thriving Day 16”

Thriving in Retrograde Day 15!!

“Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be”   Knowing when to stay silent can help you a great deal in many circumstances. Being an excellent communicator counts in your favor, when you give another person an opportunity to pour their heart out and self-discover the answers to their own dilemma.Continue reading “Thriving in Retrograde Day 15!!”

Day Fourteen of Retrograde Thriving

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”   There will be times in our lives where things will come up that are out of our control. That is not a time to give up, or give in. It is a time to use our creative juices to give birth to somethingContinue reading “Day Fourteen of Retrograde Thriving”