The Next Mercury Retrograde is September 17, 2015

Thank you for visiting us. My goal is to support people in living an amazing life during a period in which life is turned upside down, Mercury Retrograde ! The next one  starts September 17, 2015  and runs until  October 9, 2015 Each day you will find interesting tips, inspirational quotes, and videos. You can also purchaseContinue reading “The Next Mercury Retrograde is September 17, 2015”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Last Day !!

    Each of us has filters that allow us to live our lives as best we can. When we change our lookout, we have an opportunity to create a new way of being.  When we listen to our core, and live our life from that place of knowing, the essence of who we areContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Last Day !!”

Hack My Retrograde: One More Day

  @@@@@@ When was thew last time you noticed you were ” Happy”. To often we don’t even realize we are in that state until we decide to acknowledge that state of mind. There are also times when we decide that ” something” must happen in order for us to get happy. In your serenityContinue reading “Hack My Retrograde: One More Day”

Hack My Retrograde : Day 23

 “ Fear is the thief of dreams.“  ~ Unknown ~  False Evidence Appearing Real You have heard and seen this before. We know Fear is connected to the unknown. Yet we all work at not going there. Or we go there and worry about what to do. What does Fear reaaly mean? This is the trueContinue reading “Hack My Retrograde : Day 23”

Hack My Retrograde : Day 20

  “If your life was a message, what message would that be?”   ~ Unknown ~   Messages are symbolic of an energy we wish to share with the world.  Messages are spoken, written, sung and whispered. The actions we do most in life signify not only who we are in the world, but also symbolize theContinue reading “Hack My Retrograde : Day 20”

Transform Your Retrograde: Day Nineteen

“Life is like photography; we develop from the negatives.“ ~ Unknown ~ Sometimes we tend to look at the dark side of life, better known as the negative.  Looking at the negative can work to our advantage only when our goal is to improve our lives. Taking a “snapshot” of where we are today andContinue reading “Transform Your Retrograde: Day Nineteen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen

“A good example  is the best sermon” ~ British Proverb ~ Life by example is the highest form of living fully. When we put into practice the actions we believe in our hearts, our lives become a testament of what is valued and real. Some people say we should practice what we preach. I believeContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Sixteen

“Talk the talk,  but dance the walk.” ~ Unknown ~     How often do you go the extra mile? How often do you perform random acts of kindness? How often do you do something for another for no reason? How often do you meet your commitments? Many of us build character by truly meetingContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Sixteen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifthteen

“Past performance is not an indicator of future success.“ ~ Unknown ~   When we encounter an opportunity to do a project or make a change in our lives, we go to the past.  We ask ourselves how did it work the last time?  Will it give me the same result as before?  Can IContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifthteen”