Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Last Day !!

    Each of us has filters that allow us to live our lives as best we can. When we change our lookout, we have an opportunity to create a new way of being.  When we listen to our core, and live our life from that place of knowing, the essence of who we areContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Last Day !!”

Day Nineteen of Retrograde Thriving

“Life is like photography; we develop from the negatives.“ ~ Unknown ~ Sometimes we tend to look at the dark side of life, better known as the negative.  Looking at the negative can work to our advantage only when our goal is to improve our lives. Taking a “snapshot” of where we are today andContinue reading “Day Nineteen of Retrograde Thriving”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen

“A good example  is the best sermon” ~ British Proverb ~ Life by example is the highest form of living fully. When we put into practice the actions we believe in our hearts, our lives become a testament of what is valued and real. Some people say we should practice what we preach. I believeContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde : day Sixteen

“Talk the talk,  but dance the walk.” ~ Unknown ~     How often do you go the extra mile? How often do you perform random acts of kindness? How often do you do something for another for no reason? How often do you meet your commitments? Many of us build character by truly meetingContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : day Sixteen”

Hack My Retrograde : Day Fourteen

“It is difficult change the world without changing yourself first.”  ~ Unknown ~  An event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another: is known as “Change”.  Transformation is a result of change. Transformation cannot exist until one has realized that change has occurred.  Upon this realization, the world as weContinue reading “Hack My Retrograde : Day Fourteen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Thirteen

“Faith is believing when there is nothing else you can do.” ~ Unknown ~   When we allow faith to step in, we become divine.  There is no pushing, wishing, or seeking.  There is a sense of the universe unfolding, and a lightness of being.   Faith.  We cannot see it, touch it, or smellContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Thirteen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve

“A firm tree does not fear the storm “  ~ Balinese Proverb ~   Being confident in who you are being, gives you unshakable clarity about your world. We all have filters, and see our life through our own beliefs. Self-assurance is the foundation from which confidence is built on. Knowing and accepting your strengthsContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven

“ We’ll never know the worth of water til  the well goes dry “  ~ Scottish Proverb ~ As we become familiar with the everyday items of life, we can become ignorant of their value. We have faith they will always be where we left them, and assume they will always be the same. WeContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Ten

” Gather the breadfruit from the farthest branches first ” ~ Samoan Proverb ~    When planning your day, doing the hard things first, opens you up for amazing results. Getting the least fun things out of the way will give you a feeling of lightness, not to mention a sign of relief. So manyContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Ten”