Transform Your Retrograde: Day Six

“When you stumble…make it part of the dance.“   ~ Unknown ~   The act of stumbling shows you have missed a step or lost your balance unintentionally.  We have many of these moments in life where we have fallen short, or missed a step that costs us dearly. The remedy for a stumble is toContinue reading “Transform Your Retrograde: Day Six”

Transform Your Retrograde : Four

“Life’s fair if you don’t compare.“  ~ Unknown ~  Comparisons have the ability to show us the differences or similarities of something we are judging.  We put a value on the things we compare.  They are rarely equal.  We seek to make one better or worse, good or bad.  Whenever you compare one thing toContinue reading “Transform Your Retrograde : Four”

Transform Retrograde : Day Three

    “Talk the talk, but dance the walk.”  ~ Unknown ~  How often do you go the extra mile? How often do you perform random acts of kindness? How often do you do something for another,  for no reason? How often do you meet your commitments? Many of us build character by truly meetingContinue reading “Transform Retrograde : Day Three”

Are You Ready For Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde Starts this Saturday. Here is a process to help you out-wit the energy of Mercury Retrograde!! In using transformational energetics Before retrograde you must set your intention in the four areas that Mercury effects.  They are goals, time, incompletion, celebrations and travel.  In our process you will have an opportunity to write down yourContinue reading “Are You Ready For Mercury Retrograde?”

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

This Saturday Feb 23, 2013 , the planet  Mercury will go into retrograde. The word retrograde applies, in astrology, to the apparent backward motion thru the zodiac of a planet.    An old encyclopedia of   astrology describes this retrograde motion as “the effect of a slow-moving train as viewed from another train traveling parallel to itContinue reading “What Is Mercury Retrograde?”

Mother Natures Space Clearing

This Friday February 23, 2013, the planet mercury will go retrograde. Yes , it is that time of year, where Murphy”s law rears its ulgy head, and things that can go wrong will. I believe Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to work with Mother Nature and her cycles. We have just completed the first 7Continue reading “Mother Natures Space Clearing”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day One

“ A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle ”  ~ Italian Proverb ~ Mercury goes Retrograde today!  When we open ourselves to the art of sharing, miraculous energies create pathways to wholeness. What was once singular becomes bountiful. What was once broken can become whole. In our everyday lives we sometimes forget the lessonsContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day One”