Six More Days of Thriving

The person with  burnt fingers  asks for tongs ”  ~ Samoan Proverb ~   Life lessons can teach us a thing or two about when to advance, and when to retreat. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to certain things. Our lessons in life come from the journey, and the miles ofContinue reading “Six More Days of Thriving”

Seven More Days of Thriving

“ Venture all; see what  fate brings”  ~ Vietnamese Proverb ~   Life is about exploration. The more you do, the larger your life! The courage to move into uncharted territory is exhilarating on many levels. To take a path without knowing where it goes is how adventures begin.    Fate is the key toContinue reading “Seven More Days of Thriving”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen

“A good example is the best sermon”~ British Proverb ~ Life by example is the highest form of living fully. When we put into practice the actions we believe in our hearts, our lives become a testament of what is valued and real. Some people say we should practice what we preach. I believe it isContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Seventeen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Sixteen

“ When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside ‘ cannot hurt you ”  ~ African Proverb ~   There are times when we can be our worst enemy. Self-talk when used in a negative way, can hypnotize us into believing untruths about ourselves, and the world around us. Self-confidence is the key toContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Sixteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifteen

“ Nothing is as burdensome as a secret ” ~ French Proverb ~ Keeping secrets can weigh heavily on your psyche. On one hand it is an honor to become a confidant. They trust you with information they feel closest to their heart. Trust is something that is earned over time, and through demonstration.  BeingContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fourteen

“ A clever person turns great problems into little ones and little ones into none at all “ ~ Chinese Proverb ~  Click to see video Intelligence seeks problems. The bigger the problem, or challenge, the better the reward or thrill once it is solved.  Whole industries are built on the creation of solving aContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fourteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Thirteen

“ Any plan is bad that cannot be changed “ ~ Italian Proverb ~   We love having plans. We also love changing them. Especially if the plan yields better results, and make life easier. As a matter of fact, if someone told you that a plan couldn’t be changed, we become rather hostile. TheContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Thirteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve

“A firm tree does not fear the storm “  ~ Balinese Proverb ~   Being confident in who you are being, gives you unshakable clarity about your world. We all have filters, and see our life through our own beliefs. Self-assurance is the foundation from which confidence is built on. Knowing and accepting your strengthsContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven

“ We’ll never know the worth of water til  the well goes dry “  ~ Scottish Proverb ~ As we become familiar with the everyday items of life, we can become ignorant of their value. We have faith they will always be where we left them, and assume they will always be the same.  WeContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Ten

” Gather the breadfruit from the farthest branches first ” ~ Samoan Proverb ~ Breadfruit Video  When planning your day, doing the hard things first, opens you up for amazing results. Getting the least fun things out of the way will give you a feeling of lightness, not to mention a sign of relief.  SoContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Ten”