Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Eighteen

 When we change our focus to include the “Big Picture”, we open ourselves up to a much bigger vision, and larger possibilities.  Not only do you get to see the entire forest, you also get to appreciate the beauty of a single tree. Focusing on a singular item can blur our vision of what isContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Eighteen”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Seventeen

Life by example is the highest form of living fully. When we put into practice the actions we believe in our hearts, our lives become a testament to what is valued and real. Some people say we should practice what we preach. I believe it is deeper than that. I believe when you have anContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde : Day Seventeen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Sixteen

There are times when we can be our worst enemy. Self-talk when used in a negative way, can hypnotize us into believing untruths about ourselves, and the world around us. Self-confidence is the key to being your own best friend. You must have faith in yourself before you can have faith in others. Lack ofContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Sixteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifteen

“ Nothing is as burdensome as a secret ” ~ French Proverb ~ Keeping secrets can weigh heavily on your psyche. On one hand, it is an honor to become a confidant. They trust you with the information they feel closest to their heart. Trust is something that is earned over time and through demonstration.Continue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Fifteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Fourteen

      Messages are symbolic of an energy we wish to share with the world.  Messages are spoken, written, sung and whispered. The actions we do most in life signify not only who we are in the world, but also symbolize the tone and message of our lifestyle. Dream Big Today! Take a candid lookContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Fourteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Thirteen

  When we allow faith to step in, we become divine.  There is no pushing, wishing, or seeking.  There is a sense of the universe unfolding, and a lightness of being.   Faith.  We cannot see it, touch it, or smell it.  We can only feel it.  Faith is our belief in something without theContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Thirteen”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve

“A firm tree does not fear the storm “  ~ Balinese Proverb ~   Being confident in who you are being, gives you unshakable clarity about your world. We all have filters, and see our life through our own beliefs. Self-assurance is the foundation from which confidence is built on. Knowing and accepting your strengthsContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Twelve”

Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven

As we become familiar with the everyday items of life, we can become ignorant of their value. We have faith they will always be where we left them, and assume they will always be the same. We take for granted and underestimate the value that the everyday things in our life bring to us. MotherContinue reading “Hack My Mercury Retrograde: Day Eleven”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Ten

The “Fool” is the highest card in the Tarot.  The “Fool” looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.  Everything is full of wonder, fun and nonsense. To be absurd, one must be inconsistent with reason or logic and common sense.  When we throw caution to the wind and seek guidance from the heart.  The miraclesContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde : Day Ten”

Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Nine

“Talk the talk, but dance the walk.”  ~ Unknown ~   How often do you go the extra mile? How often do you perform random acts of kindness? How often do you do something for another for no reason? How often do you meet your commitments? Many of us build character by truly meeting ourContinue reading “Thrive During Mercury Retrograde: Day Nine”